10 Bright, Shiny Ways to Get Your Sparkle Back!

 Get Your Sparkle Back!

Get Your Sparkle Back!

10 Bright, Shiny Ways to Get Your Sparkle Back!
by Radleigh Valentine

Yesterday on my Hay House Radio show, Magical Things, I listed out 10 ways to get your sparkle back! I called it “getting the stars back into your eyes about life.” Many of you have asked for the list, so here it is! Please share! 

1. Start every morning by saying something wonderful to yourself. Make an affirmation that today will be a magical day. Ask your angels to help guide you all day long in taking steps in the direction of happiness.

2. Be grateful for at least one thing in your life at some point during the day. Gratitude is the fuel of the Universe. The more you fill up your tank with it, the farther you will go.

3. Avoid, at all costs… doing something that you personally think is wrong.   Now this is a funny one. It doesn’t mean that what you’re doing is really “wrong.” It only matters that YOU think it’s wrong. So. Just don’t do that stuff. ‘kay?

4. Release drama queens and kings from your life. I know… you may have a spouse or a child where that’s not possible. I get that. But be honest… there are people in your life right now who bring you all manner of annoyance that you COULD release. Relationships that only take, take, take and never give back should be shown the door.

5. On blue or challenging days, give yourself 20 minutes of time to yourself.   Sit quietly and think back on things that make you happy. Here’s an example: Puppies, the smell of rain on freshly cut grass, the giggles of little children, lunch with your best friends, colored lights on Christmas Trees, picnics in springtime. It doesn’t matter what the list is. Just so long as you feel your chest swell up and you suddenly realize that you are smiling uncontrollably.

6. Don’t judge other people. Seriously. All that does is set yourself up for believing that others are probably judging you.

7. Smile at strangers. Most of them will smile back. Send angels of love to those who do not.

8. Do things that make you feel like a kid again. Whatever that is. Ignore anyone who thinks you’re being silly. In fact, I highly, HIGHLY recommend being silly.

9. Laugh often. Laugh loud. At something. Anything. Most especially yourself. Probably because of something you did in item number 8.

10. And finally… and this one is critical… don’t judge yourself.   Don’t compare yourself to other people. Understand that every single day of your life you are doing the best you can. And the next day, you will do better because you grew from yesterday. Be proud of you.

Radleigh Valentine is an internationally known Hay House Author and speaker. He co-created the best selling Angel Tarot Cards (my favorite deck to work with!) and Archangel Power Tarot and the new Guardian Angel Tarot (also a favorite of mine).

He’s a completely sparkly joy to follow and I encourage you to check out his posts as well as his wonderful radio show!

Radleigh Valentine can be found on facebook at: fb.com/radleighvalentine

And on his website at RadleighValentine.com