Let’s Hibernate A Little Longer

I KNOW that this message was sent for me, I wonder was it also sent for you?

KnightofCupsFirst, I pulled the Knight of Cups and immediately sensed that I am holding back/hesitating on moving forward with something that I deeply love and that is very important to me, my business. I have much to offer (I mean look at this awesome gold cup AND my beautiful horse) and I feel ready to fly (look at the wings on my hat and my heels) but, I’m holding back the reigns on the horse as if to say but, “not just yet”, hold on just a bit longer before crossing that bridge (notice in front of him is some water that he’s not yet crossed.)

26-DeepFreezeBut, I wanted to know a bit more, Why am I hesitating? So I turned to one of my Oracle decks which, I find have such depth and visual beauty that it would clearly speak to me. What was returned to me was “Deep Freeze” (image below) and I immediately knew that my hesitation is not out of fear (see the lion who represents courage is sleeping peacefully, rather than stopped and actively looking out for something) but rather a purposeful pause, a time of hibernation, because my business is not quite ready to bloom, there is more growth that is happening and I should trust the Divine and allow this process to unfold. It is ok for me to allow the growth at this time, my voice (which I have always represented by a lion in my personal life) will be shared, from a place of peaceful knowing, when my pause is done, based on this card, I’d say, I’ll be sharing my voice in the Spring of this year.

How about you? Is there a passion that you have, a gift you’ve been meaning to share with the world that you are hesitating to share at this time? Are you feeling that though the New Year is off to a fantastic start with a LOT of swirling energy that you’re still feeling a little sleepy and not quite ready to release that energetic ROAR of productivity or activity that you expected? Perhaps this is a good time to hibernate and allow the seeds you planted in your resolutions to get some nourishment and expect full bloom this spring!


Pictured are: Knight of Cups from the US Games, Universal Rider Deck and Deep Freeze from The Enchanted Map deck from Colette Baron-Reid