Magical Synchronicities Happening Today

 A Magical Synchronicity Happens Today... From the Enchanted Map Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

A Magical Synchronicity Happens Today... From the Enchanted Map Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

Magical Map Shifter - Enchanted Map Oracle CardsI guess I shouldn’t have been surprised to see this card for us this morning and yet, the magic of the Universe never ceases to surprise and delight me. I have been thinking about and discussing the heroic journey quite a bit lately and have had my own questions as well as questions from my friends & guests about “life purpose”. Not only “Why we are here?” but also, “What are we to do about it?”

How can we fulfill our life’s purpose and experience joyful prosperity at the same time?

In fact, I was just speaking yesterday of the wonderful treasure maps that we all have accessible to us for this heroic journey and yet, without the map visible and a guide to help us navigate it, many of us stay stuck at the beginning, spinning our wheels wondering where and how to find the true treasures of our life.

Today, the “Magical Map Shifter” has come to let us know that the Divine is creating synchronicities on our behalf. Aligning everything so that our path opens up to us more clearly. Today is a day that we are to be keenly aware of the individuals who come into our lives to affect our personal growth. We may meet an individual who inspires us… breathes NEW LIFE into our desires to pursue our dreams, or a wonderful new guide who can give us just the tool we were searching for to overcome what seemed like an insurmountable challenge.

Let us Remain awake and aware today so that we will recognize these magnificent beings as they enter our lives. They are here to SHIFT our perspective, to shine new light on our treasure maps, to unlock another piece of the puzzle. What a magnificent journey!


Ask For Help… Your Rescue Team Awaits

Rescue - Enchanted Map Oracle CardsThe angels would like to further support this message by sharing that it is ALWAYS safe to be ourselves!  Being genuine, authentic and transparently you is absolutely your soul’s mission. However, along the way we tend to forget our Divinity, question our worth and come up against challenges that we simply can’t see how to overcome.

Rescue” is a message to us to call on our angels, Ascended Masters and spirit guides to HELP us!  Please do not be afraid to ask.  We are safe on this journey and do not need to do everything alone.  But, our guides cannot intervene on our behalf when we don’t ask them.  There is great strength in being vulnerable and asking for help when we need it.

If it seems like your magical map is not shifting in the direction that you had desired, call on your rescue team to help guide you in the right direction.

Notice in the card that the lovely maiden is seeing her waterfall as a cliff that she must dive over and yet her guide, in the hot air balloon with his telescope can see opportunities where she can not. Off at the base of the cliff on the right is a beautiful mushroom, a symbol of good fortune which, is clearly where the maiden would like to be as she peers over the waterfall.  Don’t give up on your dreams because you see obstacles in front of you – call on your guides, ask for help!


 Go Within

SolitudeTime for much needed rest and reflection!  We’ve clearly come to a place on our journey that is going to significantly shift or perspective and perhaps our direction, our angels & guides are at the ready to help, all we must do is call on them.  However, everything we are about to embark upon will reflect our inner most thoughts and feelings.  Now is also a time to get VERY CLEAR on what it is we desire to manifest.

Interestingly, as I was writing this I looked up to see it was 11:13 – a delightful message from the Universe that the angels are guiding and assisting us in pursuing our life’s purpose but, that they also understand that uncharted waters may require a guide. So they send 3 1s in a row to let us know that we are embarking on a new beginning and that our actions and thoughts create our realities! And the number 3 to tell us that the Ascended Masters are watching over us, encouraging us to light the way for others, to elevate the energies of the Universe. Now is the time to step forward, outside of our comfortable little cages and into the bright blue sky!

Solitude” shares the message that the best way to get clear is to go within. Meditate, take the time to clear the clutter in your mind, reflect upon your being, release the toxins that no longer serve you.  Wouldn’t it be great to travel this journey with a LIGHT load, rather than heavy baggage that holds us down?

Let’s use this time to shift not only our perspective but also our focus.  With the journey underway and manifestation following so closely behind, let’s focus ONLY on that which we desire to be, do and have in our lives. Now might be a wonderful time to reconnect with nature, to sit down quietly and journal.  

What does your ideal treasure look and feel like to you?

 Who will be along with you for the journey?  

What type of energy will you attract for the trip?

Once you’ve replenished your energy… go back and ask the angels & guides for help again.  This is equivalent to giving them your EXACT GPS location so that they can both swiftly help you overcome obstacles and make sure they help you get on to the path you most desire!

Enjoy your adventure! I’d LOVE to hear the stories of the folks who cross your paths today, of those who inspired you or uncovered hidden treasure for you! Who was your Magical Map Shifter?

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