Spiritual Workers – Your Wishes Come True!

 Spiritual Beings... Your wishes come true today!

Spiritual Beings... Your wishes come true today!

The angels are supporting and encouraging all of us on this day… so appropriately, a day when we here in the US remember how precious life is and how desperately we long to see peace on Earth and kindness and compassion for all of our fellow light beings (9/11).  This is a day when we are all called to be and do more with our lives.  To live profoundly, passionately and with purpose. To affect change and evolution on Earth. Will you rise to the occasion?  Are you pursuing your life’s purpose, your passions?  If not, what is holding you back? Today the angels are here to send you a message of encouragement and love!   You can do it… you were meant to do it and today if you pursue it, take action and have faith… your wishes come true!

Are you a luminary? lightworker? spiritual teacher?  Before you say, “I don’t think so.” or “No, that’s not me.”  I’d urge you to consider that we are ALL here to elevate the energies of this earth and to assist in the evolution of our collective consciousness at this time.  Of course, that being said… some of you have a burning passion for spiritual work, perhaps you are astrologers, intuitives, tarot or angel card readers, numerologists, energy healers, reiki practitioners, angel therapists… oh the list of you beauties goes on and on.

Today’s message from the angels is for YOU!  

I called on the Angel Tarot, the Guardian Angel Tarot and the Goddess Guidance cards by Doreen Virtue (& Radleigh Valentine) for today’s messages.  I adore the way these three decks work together.  It’s as if the Guardian Angels bring out the compassion and kindness in the Goddesses (yes, sometimes they can be a bit direct!).

What was returned to me was a beautiful message of encouragement that our wishes are coming true!

Have you been thinking of creating, re-creating or even reviving a spiritual business?  If so, the angels fully support you and are here today to encourage you to start or start again!   The beautiful cherub from the Ace of Action is saying, “please pursue your dreams!” Get busy now, stop procrastinating.  The Nine of Water has shown up to assure us that our concerns can now fade away as we pursue with deep LOVE our passions. And Dana, The High-Priestess showed up to remind us all that we are Divine creative beings, meant to shine our lights and share our gifts with the world.  Each of us has something that we can share with others and at this time, we are all being called to do so.

Have you noticed more and more that beautiful messages are showing up for you?  Encouraging you to live your dreams… to pursue your passions… to do “what you always wanted to do but thought you couldn’t?”  Those messages, that gut feeling, the daydreaming or imagining that you have been doing…. it is all showing up for you now to prompt you to take ACTION on it.  Do not dim your light any longer to meet the darkness of others… instead bring forth your spiritual gifts, your Divine creative energy and share it with the world.

Not sure what your life’s purpose is?  Why not ask the angels? If you are one to read your own tarot or oracle cards, perhaps today is the perfect day to get some deeper insights on your life’s purpose!  


P.S. Of course, if you would like, I am also delighted to do an Angel card reading for you so that you may find out more about your life’s purpose.

In fact, I have a beautiful “X” marks the spot spread that answers some of the questions you might most like answers to, including:

1. Where Am I Now? This card is to give you a marker as to where you are on the journey right now. It’s the beginning point.

2. What Is My Primary Motive? Here we take a look at what really moves you in life.

3. What Is My Main Concern? This is to see what your primary anxiety is. What’s bugging you the most?

4. Why Am I Here? This is a lesson card. We need to understand why we’ve chosen to be here. What is the lesson of this moment?

5. Where Am I Supposed To Be? This is not a location card per se. It is a directional card. This is the next step on your path.

6. What Roadblocks Are In My Way?

7. What Tools Am I Not Using? We all have strengths. Some of them we don’t use as much as others. This is something you need to be using more.

8. What Opportunities Are In The Potential Future? Just a heads up on what you could be looking out for.

9. What Is My Life’s Purpose? A big question–this card is geared towards getting you to think about why you might be here.

10. Final Advice? This is the Universe’s last chance in this spread to deliver a message you may be missing.

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