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Xmas Ad for The Ruby Slipper Principles

The Ruby Slipper Principles©...

will take you on an adventure from Kansas to Oz and back again in a new heroic role to shine your light and elevate prosperity for all.

A captivating action/adventure guide to self-illumination. Discover how to inspiralluminate as you uncover your heroic journey, tap into the magic of your Universal GPS, and unleash the power of your ruby slippers.
A book for YOU - a beautiful, energized spirit who, is ready to inspiralluminate - breathe life into your infinite power, elevate your spiritual(creative) energy, and illuminate your being to light the way for yourself and others to prosper in magical ways.

May this book provide you with the inspiration to honor your purpose and value, passion forward your gifts and in the process elevate the vibrations of this planet by loving and shining your unique and beautiful light.

I wish for you ultimate freedom - to be, do and have all that you desire in this life.

It is time to inspiralluminate!


Note From The Author...

The key to unlocking your infinite potential is within you.  You are an incredible infinite being of light.  So, the question remains…. how do you tap into your life force to release the infinite power of your ruby slippers to manifest anything and everything that you desire?

I have always been fascinated by the mystery of co-creation, sucked into the journey of self discovery and the self growth industry as long as I can remember.  Drawn in by the mystery of co-creation and the desire to hold the power of those ruby slippers in my hands.

As long as I have been on this earth I have been in pursuit of my dreams,  and I have frequently asked myself the question, “Am I doing this right?” Questioning my true path or purpose in life along the way.  And though I know I believe it is because the Universe always conspires to support us in achieving our dreams. Though, I’m not afraid to share with you that sometimes in the midst of my life I’ve felt quite chaotic and twisted as if nothing  was going “right” and my dreams were nothing more than the fantasies and illusions that I could see on a movie screen.

 “How will I know if I am living my true purpose, doing what I came here to do, leaving an infinite ripple in the Universe that resonates for generations?

If you’re feeling a bit woosy because the tornado just dropped you in a foreign land on a wicked witch… And – a bit discombobulated because the first thing you see is the munchkins in their hypnotic rhythm… singing you tales of lollipops and gumdrops… then you’ve come to the right place.  Allow me to be your Good Witch, Glinda as I guide you along the yellow brick road that is your adventure to self-illumination. So that you can pour water on the witch and help others to be and do the same!

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The Ruby Slipper Principles: To Overcomes Self-Doubt, Release Your Inner Power and Create A Life Fulfilled

Fill your stocking with an epic self-growth adventure

From Intuitive Guide, Loreen Muzik comes an insightful, imaginative, clear method to release the doubts and fears that keep you from creating a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

Have you found yourself, longing for clarity, desperate for direction, starved for inspiration? Are you Feeling stuck in the monotony of life? Rest assuredit’s not your fault! You are stuck because of a bug (ahem, a flying monkey) in the software of your life! If you want to get rid of this nasty soul sucking virus you’re in luck, the antidote is found in the wisdom of Oz!You are in for a great adventure of spiritual and personal exploration.

The Ruby Slipper Principles are here to help you more easily navigate this world from within and co-create a new experience. Discover how to navigate your life path as you uncover your heroic journey, tap into the magic of your Universal GPS (your intuition), and unleash the power of your ruby slippers (your soul’s purpose and spark).

A captivating action adventure guide for the soul. A world where The Wonderful Wizard of Oz meets the law of attraction.

Complete with roadmaps to:

  • shift from a dull, monotonous hum of life to a colorful, awakened and abundant state of being
  • free your imagination from squashed, unappreciated or held captive to a co-creative super power
  • very simply defeat the flying monkeys of doubt to become the confident, manifesting king of the forest
  • have clarity and direction at your fingertips, a joyful, easy way to tap into the magic of your intuition
  • illuminate your path to a prosperous, purposeful and fulfilling life through a deeper connection with your Higher Self
  • leave the false prophets, gurus and wizards behind when you discover your authentic truth and unleash your inner purpose and power
  • change what you see in your outer experience as you embrace more self-awareness and elevate consciousness for all

Life after you click your heels may include:

  • less anxiety and uncertainty – more peace, clarity and knowing-ness
  • less soul-sucking monotony of life – more freedom to be, do and have all that you desire
  • less sleepy procrastination – more inspiration, motivation and energy to go for your dreams

No matter how you define the gold over your own rainbow: financial freedom, stronger more compassionate relationships, intriguing and more challenging career, more vibrant health and happiness… you’ll be able to achieve it if you are willing to go within and harness the power of your inner purpose and spark; your ruby slippers.If you enjoy motivational, spiritual, self-help books from authors likes Colette Baron-Reid and Mike Dooley; you’ll love this book for it’s grounded, practical advice and direction; presented in a playful, re-imagined way.