Time To Protect Your Treasures

 Are you honoring your energetic boundaries?

Are you honoring your energetic boundaries?

Are you honoring your energetic boundaries or

Are you allowing the energy vampires to seep in and steal your treasures?


Protect Your Treasures Today!

Today’s message, from the Enchanted Map deck by Colette Baron-Reid, was “Protecting Treasure” – reversed.

It may be time to ask yourself if you are giving too much of yourself to others and NOT receiving equal or greater energetic value in return.  Many times, as loving, compassionate lightworkers, we give and give and give of ourselves in the interest of helping and serving others. Often then, we then find ourselves in a situation where we feel resentful of others who are willing to consistently take from us but do NOT give us anything in return.  I call those people Energy Vampires.

Are you compromising your self, your light, for the illusion of safety and comfort?  Are you giving away the farm for a smile?  I can’t begin to tell you how this message resonates with me personally today!  I have far too often given so freely of myself and my gifts, only to find that my treasures were completely stolen right out from underneath me. I look back and think… how did I allow this into my experience AGAIN?  Wasn’t I more cautious this time?

And then I remember, ahh yes, I thought this individual would be different… I thought this time, they’d give back equally… I thought they “knew” my unpublished expectations for the relationship… I thought that some income was better than none, this client better than none.  And that is where it falls apart – that compromise is a leak in the energetic boundaries… our Glinda bubble as I like to call it.  Glinda  (from The Wizard of Oz & my upcoming book “Ruby Slipper Principles”) represents our spirit guides and mentors – she arrives in a bubble and can guide us on the yellow brick road as long as she is in that bubble… to burst it or penetrate it, means that she falls to the ground and must pick herself up yet again, strengthen that boundary before she can get further messages to Dorothy.

Today the angels would like to remind us all that we are co-creators and that though the Divine is ALWAYS supporting us and protecting our true gifts, we too have a role in the creation of our realities.  We truly must honor ourselves, our gifts and our boundaries in a way that lifts us up in our bubble and also serves the greater good.

What is Hidden From You?

The 2nd card in this reading is from the Guardian Angel Tarot deck by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine and in this spread it represents “What is Hidden” to us.   It is a gentle reminder to us that we must let go… let go of our expectations that these relationships be something different, that these particular individuals give back to us equally or that things turn out differently than they have with them.  We are asked to allow this to be a reminding that endings, though perhaps not always what we intended or desired, lead to new and wonderful beginnings.  However, we cannot accept the new opportunities and our infinite potential if we are still holding on to past relationships or resentments over the way those relationships evolved.

What is hidden is our subconscious beliefs… because, consciously, we “get it“, we say – ok “I’ve let go“… I’m on to the next thing in my life and I’m “all good” with this lesson… thank you!  And yet, still, the message from the angels is that we have once again allowed an energy vampire into our experience.  All we need do is to ask the angels for help and we will once again fly high in our bubble!

Advice From The Angels

The third card in this reading is from the Ascended Masters deck by Doreen Virtue and it represents “Advice” from the angels. It should be no surprise that they advise we quickly heal away our addictions.  And… not necessarily the addictions that you are most familiar with.  In this reading we are talking about the addiction to our behaviors and thoughts… the ones that find us back in the same pattern again… giving and giving of ourselves with no return.  It is an unhealthy pattern that deflates our bubble and leaves us on the ground, unable to rise and help others.  This pattern, this behavior is what keeps us from manifesting our dreams!

Today, please call on Archangel Raphael to help you in healing this addiction.  Allow the support and encouragement you so richly deserve.  Rise again to shine your light and share your treasure chest with the world… you have MORE THAN ENOUGH to share… but please do ask for a fair energetic value exchange for your gifts so that you can keep filling the treasure chest and help even more people along the way!

Here’s to extending some garlic on the end of your olive branch to the next energy vampire who approaches you 😉 !


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