Too Many Plates Spinning? Drop Them Today and Harness Your Magic!

Hello Beautiful beings! I don’t know about all of you but, for me, I’m finding I have so much going on right now… lots of plates spinning… and sometimes I’m hugely successful and so proud of myself and other times I realize that I also have a stack of plates dropped at my feet and cracked.

Today the angels were VERY clear in sharing their messages: time to make a mosaic out of those gorgeous plates on the floor! Time to look at things a bit differently, let go of the past expectations for that plate as something that is meant ONLY to be spinning in the air like a circus act and to start seeing that the cracks in the ones that have fallen are truly Divine creative energy at work.

When we look at the broken pieces of the plates on the floor as failures, disappointments, and really anything other than Divine perfection… we are held back in our journey. It is time to LET GO… of the expectations for ourselves, others and our expectation that we can control the Universe. “Endings always herald new beginnings.”

Today, the angels say, change your life by changing your thoughts… simply let go.  And as if that wasn’t clear enough for us, the Healing Fairies wanted to remind us that letting go opens the highways on our roadmap to success, what we hold on to simply holds us back from our Quantum Leap (like a bungee cord we are attached to at the edge of the cliff… sure I’ll jump… I know I’m safe and will always bounce back… and yet, will you ever arrive on the other side of the ravine if you are hanging on to that bungee?) And finally, we see the beautiful Ascended Master Saint Germaine.  Today, he showed up because he helps lightworkers who are working toward world peace. We can call on him to help us let go so that we can shine our lights and help elevate the energies of the Universe. Always remember to ask the angels for help as they can not intervene on our behalf without our express permission.

So, today, DROP THE PLATES, and enjoy the Divine creative energy that reveals itself as you release your energy to work your magic in new ways.

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