What Are You Not Seeing?


What is it that you are not or DO NOT want to see?  Because this little Fairy has come with a message… she sees on our behalf, that which we can’t or won’t.

Today’s message from the oracles is a NOT SO GENTLE reminder to us that it is time for a quick and uplifting CHANGE in our thoughts or behaviors.

Fairy of the Divine Hand (from the Oracles of Shadow & Light Deck by Lucy Cavendish… LOVE these by the way) is here to say that we have allowed our addictions to get the best of us… and in today’s message I’m not speaking of drugs and/or alcohol… today be reflective and ask yourself… what am I tempted by in difficult times? Where do you go to avoid the fears? Do you spin into victimhood/self-pity?  Start with the negative and fear-based talk? Hide in unnecessary training programs or books/procrastinate? (guilty right here by the way) Pick up the bag of cookies and neglect to put them down?

Take this message as a wonderful opportunity to SHIFT your energy and shift your life into high gear.  Do not be tempted by the comfort zone… step out and have faith that the Fairy has come to help you see that you are worthy of Divine abundance  & prosperity.  The Universe is conspiring to deliver that which you think about and FEEL about the most… what are you feeling today? If you are feeling less than worthy, somewhat fearful of next steps or wanting to think of something else entirely… then you have most certainly missed the message that you are a DIVINE being, worthy of all the good that life has to offer.

How about you shift that energy and turn on the manifestation of that which you desire – ask yourself:

“Why does the Universe conspire on my behalf?  How can I allow magic, wonder and prosperity into my life now?”

Whew – these Fairies can be QUITE direct.  But, I feel like it’s a great message and a wonderful reminder that we are all destined for so much more than fear or worry has to offer us!  Have a brilliant, uplifting and prosperous day!