You Are Coming To Life – Soon

Good Morning Beautiful Lights!! Today I heard clearly “change it up!” And so… I did  I’d say it’s best to act on the advice given from our angels as it is sure to speed our progress.

Today’s Message is absolutely beautiful and I’m presenting it to you just a little differently… You’ll notice something different right above the card today… a little guidance.

The overall message to day is that you are indeed Coming To Life, the seeds you’ve planted will serve you well… however, just as the gardener doesn’t dig up the seeds to see how they are progressing… you should allow your seeds the time, space and nurturing they need to grow and blossom. You’re doing great! Keep the gorgeous energy flowing… and yet be patient as your harvest is still a work in progress.

Let’s look at the positive influences that are at work for you behind the scenes! You are at the end of the difficult part, the planting has been completed, embrace the shift in your energy and allow things to unfold, things are about to get much better for you!

Notice the brilliant Unicorns on the card? Two of them are moving forward and seemingly away from the crowd… Remember that to be unique and to shine your light authentically, means that many times you will find yourself in new company as you attract new energies to your being. I personally feel the pull AWAY from the status quo, the mass consciousness and toward a new horizon. Which feels so aligned with the energies on Earth right now as many light beings awaken, evolve and are seeing the world in a new way, shining their lights and helping to elevate the energies of the Earth. Though, it’s not always the “easy” path to take as the status quo and our Ego stands in the back like the other 8 unicorns, having a little discussion about how “crazy” we are to be leaving out on our own.

So, what advice might the angels give us to smooth the journey? Open and strengthen your Base Chakra (also known as your root chakra – the energy center that governs your feelings about your material desires and needs). Well of course, our seeds are planted in hopes of bountiful harvest but, will NOT flourish if we now ignore them… we must nourish our foundation. YOur words, thoughts, and beliefs are like the sun, water and soil for your seeds… it is very important to provide the best possible, to be uplifting, positive and compassionate with yourself. To give worries over to the angels and instead strengthen your root.

I’m a HUGE proponent of breathing (bet you are too) and using our focus on our breath to enhance our energy field and flow. One way to uplift your root chakra is to inhale and send healing light to the base of your spine (that is where your root chakra is located) Visualize the light as a big ruby red ball that glows supporting your roots. Feel that it radiates gratitude within and all around you for the bountiful harvest that you are about to receive.

What a beautiful day to THRIVE! May your seeds be nourished with love & light.


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