You Can Find Me In Oz!

 Special thanks to Illogical Associates for creating the Shadows of Oz Tarot Deck the inspiration for Glinda′s Guidance.

Special thanks to Illogical Associates for creating the Shadows of Oz Tarot Deck the inspiration for Glinda′s Guidance.

UPDATE! 9/16/2015 – Loreen is now in Oz!

It’s been quite awhile since my last post here and I thought it was far past time to share with you what has transpired with me and with the business. After reading Angel & Oracle cards for a couple of years and enjoying every moment, I took a VERY deep dive into traditional tarot.  I explored the history of the tarot, met some amazing tarotistas through professional associations and phenomenal courses, and continue to expand my knowledge, experiences  and services every day.

With my journey, I’ve had the desire and now, the confidence, to share my services in a way that is not only authentically me but also, I think, profoundly fun, approachable and relate-able.  Through the eyes of Dorothy from the Wonderful Wizard of Oz and as her mentor and guide, Glinda.

What I’ve learned above all is that tarot, oracles, divination… is for EVERYBODY who chooses to explore and/or embrace it.  Though mastering the reading of tarot requires lots of practice, failures, study and persistent desire to connect through the cards… opening a divine conversation this way is accessible to all of us.

My experience learning tarot has been much like a journey to Oz, I found some amazing and supportive friends, I walked through the dark forest and encountered more flying monkeys than I care to admit (was even able to swat a few of those down) and I was encouraged by some Munchkins to “stay put” in Munchkinland and hide from the Wicked Witch, I was absolutely taken by the Wizard in the Emerald City, and it took many failures as well as peeking behind the curtain to finally recognize that I have always had the power within me to click my heels.

I will say that on more than one occasion who I thought was Glinda, with good intentions helping to guide me, was nothing more than a Wizard who was happy to take my money and cast me out of the Emerald City for good.  Fortunately for me, that’s exactly the experience I needed to propel me home and encourage me to then become Glinda for another to walk their yellow brick road!

So after what seems like forever (ok it was only about a year) I have returned home, a new and more expanded being with a renewed mission and vision: I help inspired beings who are curious about opening divine conversations with tarot and oracle cards to navigate the yellow brick road and harness the infinite power of their ruby slippers. So that they can illuminate the dark forests, swat away the flying monkeys, wake up from the poppies, peek behind the curtains of the wizards and ultimately pour water on that witch!

Do you know anyone who would like Glinda’s Guidance for their yellow brick road?  If so, you can find me on my new site at: and also on facebook at: 

I offer a fun array of reading options if you would like to have me do a reading for you and yes, I still offer angel and oracle cards and even personalized Mandalas (coming soon).  In addition, I am thrilled to be working on and getting prepared to release a series of courses from Behind The Deck – because we all know that’s were the truth is revealed – no secrets  – just a great learning opportunity and community of supportive people who all want to open divine conversations using tarot, angel & oracle cards! If you’d like to learn how to open your own divine conversation and receive updates  then please Subscribe to Glinda’s Weekly(or sometimes less frequent) Guidance below.

My sincere thanks to each of you who walk your yellow brick road, shine your light and illuminate the way for others to do the same!  You all inspiralluminate me!


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