A Powerful Energy Shift Appears

 A powerful energy shift is upon us! Time to look deep into the darkness and find innovative solutions and keep the sense of HOPE because this is the time to wish upon a star!

A powerful energy shift is upon us! Time to look deep into the darkness and find innovative solutions and keep the sense of HOPE because this is the time to wish upon a star!

Powerful Energetic Shifts are in the ethers… How will you respond?

I have grown so very fond of these darling Divas as of late… particularly because they feel so deeply insightful and accurate to me.

EclipseMermaidToday, when the Eclipse Mermaid showed up to say that a powerful energy shift is upon us… I was not surprised in the least!  Have you felt the enormous shifts happening on Earth?  Feeling more emotional? More sensitive?  Any ringing in your ears?  Or headaches?  And I’m not talking allergies here folks… I’m talking serious energy that is swirling, entering and leaving our crown, third eye, ear, and throat chakras!

I have most certainly been feeling it and hearing of it in others.  I believe that the angels are doing everything in their power to get in touch with us now.  To let us know that though this shift may feel tumultuous, like the waters the Eclipse Mermaid sits in, it will be best for us to simply go with the flow and recognize that the Universe is making these sweeping changes in support of our journey.

What may be coming up for you is past debris, emotions, memories, beliefs and you are being asked to simply allow these things to rise within you and release them as you are preparing for awakening.  Allow nothing to be suppressed, to remain hidden. Your gifts are within and reaching for the light!

Despite the temptation, now is NOT the time to “numb out” the difficulties.  Our tendency is to remain comfortable, even in the midst of chaos and sometimes to do so we have to keep our emotions at bay, we “check out”, take a tv marathon vacation or spend more time with our friends at the bars, eat comfort food… and though those things may feel “relaxing”, even “therapeutic” in the moment… they are all activities that keep you from your spiritual evolution.  To maximize the potential of this eclipse… don’t avoid it or sleep through it… jump in to it and relish in the opportunity to clear the clutter and toxins from your life, to listen to the messages from the angels and treat yourself with the utmost care and respect.  

If you choose this time to step onto your soul’s path, or if you are already on your soul’s path… things are going to begin to manifest very quickly for you.  Be present & aware!

This change is your time of transformation from caterpillar to butterfly… allow your authenticity to shine and your wings will dry for you to take flight!

Where is your Power?

The angels would also like for us to know that now will be the time for renewal.  As the toxins are released you will find the “dark jewels of the self” within you.  The Deep Dark Sea Mermaid holds the message for us that the keys to our transformation and success lie within the darkness within ourselves.

The solution to every dilemma, the key to your soul’s path, is all found within the mysteries of self. Now, as the energies shift so powerfully for us and the angels are telling us that things are aligning for us to evolve and to be authentic, to manifest our desires, will you be willing to go through the dark to reveal the light?  Will you take the time to remember just how powerful and profound you are.  You are meant to illuminate the world… to “Inspiralluminate”… and elevate the energies of the earth.  However, the eclipse will pass you by if you remain on the surface, if you avoid going deep within to uncover your truths.

If you dare to go within and to reveal the hidden secrets, all will become more clear to you, pathways that were once closed will open, things that were once intimidating and frightening now hold no power over you.  You will free yourself to give and receive infinitely, exactly as it should be by your Divine right.

Much like the hidden treasures of free energy, discovered by Nikola Tesla, when you uncover your power and reveal your gifts to the world the world responds to you with loving acceptance, like energies are drawn in to your experience.  The angels ask you accept your power and your gifts and gently remind you that it is ultimately your responsibility, your life’s purpose to share them with the world.

Bright Prospects Lie Ahead

HopeSometimes the tornados and storms of life can feel very dark and lonely.  What feels like death to the caterpillar though becomes life to the butterfly.  And when the butterfly finally takes flight, she may realize that the caterpillars she once hung out with… would like for her to return for a walk… and yet, she has wings now… and no desire to turn back.

What the butterfly has and what the angels are asking us to have at this time is HOPE.  Keep the faith that though the changes may feel dark and you may experience endings… new beginnings that are far better than what you could have imagined are just around the corner for you… IF, you take flight and do not turn back to your cocoon!

The caterpillars are no longer for you, they will not be in resonance with you… this is part of the debris that will be cast off as you clear the clutter and rise to your desires. It may not be easy, but, they assure you it will be worth it to leave the hopelessness, negativity and naysayers to their walking.  Remember that you now have wings with which to fly AND there are many, many butterflies who fly with you in this new form.

Being authentic, breaking free from the “norm”, flying outside the illusion of the fears and lies that your mind tells you keeps you prisoner… is not without difficulty. But, your angels are always with you, sending you messages of hope.  Remember to ask them for help. Bright prospects lie ahead for you, now is the time to wish upon a star and have the joyful anticipation that your desires manifest… as long as you are willing to join in this profound energetic shift… the eclipse.  You are the beacon for another and also give them hope as you become the butterfly that they long to be.  

Sending you a tsunami of love, light, abundance, health and happiness for this powerful shift!



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