Let Go of Perfectionism

Are you waiting to release your light to the world until it’s perfect?  Working on a project, a program, your first novel?  Feeling Stuck in the Mud?  Then this message is for you!

Have had lots of beautiful, enlightening and wonderful distractions this morning… so, I’m just sitting down to begin my work for the day… and as I did I received this message: “Details, details” REVERSED – time to release the need to make it perfect before releasing it to the world! From the Enchanted Map deck by Colette Baron-Reid (and we had lots of fun with these on my fb Page today… such an enchanting, intriguing and beautiful deck!)

Any of you out there perfectionists like me? If so, many times we “know” consciously that it is holding us back and yet… we still have this feeling that just one more book will give us a new perspective or just one more tweak will turn it into something magical… and yet here we sit… Stuck in the Mud! Spinning our wheels as we work harder and harder to perfect it. And yet… it is perfect already… WE are perfect already!

All we need do is pause for a moment and look around to recognize all the miracles around us, be grateful for the abundance that surrounds us, to realize that everything in its imperfection is Divinely perfect.

  • Would you not want to see the flowers in their bud stage?
  • Would you never choose to look at a caterpillar or recognize the cocoon as beautiful and an awesome example of transition?

Even our process is perfect… so today, release the need to tweak, let go of your hold on expectations for what you would like that “thing” to be… and instead allow yourself to enjoy this muddy moment!

As you see in the final card of this daily reading… the rain is coming to wash away the muddy insights and false fears. We need not protect our treasures for the Divine has made certain that our gifts are infinitely safe and secure. Recognize that our treasure chest is overflowing… see the diamond on the ground, the crown next to you? The mushrooms in the foreground a symbol of good fortune… it is infinite and everywhere.


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