Let Your Guard Down

You’ve got your guard up – you are protecting something but, is it something worth holding on to?

9oWsmToo often we stand vigil, protecting beliefs and truths that no longer serve us. Things we “knew” to be true, as we awaken, come under question and we are looking over our shoulders uncertain of whether to let go or stand firm.

Is what you are holding on to actually holding you back? What would happen if you let your guard down? Let those limiting beliefs & constructs go… free yourself from focusing on what you don’t want to lose or “give up”. It is a fear-based, lack mentality, that keeps us looking back, double checking, guarding what we have as if releasing it means that we are left with less; when, what we are left with is the potential and opportunity for so much more.

The Universe doesn’t like a vacuum – let go of the burden of anything or anyone that is not serving your highest good – create a huge vacuum – then let your guard down and watch how new experiences, opportunities and people are drawn in to you and give you more reasons to be open.

Today, take a day off from focusing on what you must keep safe and instead venture out, live life unencumbered and keep your eyes peeled on the Universal synchronicities that will appear!