Time To Go Out On A Limb

Hanged Man - Pamela Colman Smith DeckWhat are you willing to sacrifice today to elevate the energies of the earth? How about your comfort zone? Enough PollyAnna – happy, positive, “it’s all for a good reason”, acceptance of the current state of the Earth!

It is time to get real! Take the anger of the injustice in the world and allow it to motivate you to TAKE ACTION, to speak your voice – fearlessly – and inspire another to do the same.

Ok, so some are going to hang you out to dry, they may even leave you behind, that’s ok – because look at how you illuminate with your actions and your being! You may not be the voice that is for everyone but you are the voice for someone and they are moved by your incredible strength and honor!

Think of this card as the “hanging man”, for this is a temporary situation – an opportunity for you to be visible and show that you are willing to shine, even in the face of adversity, even if what you are saying is unpopular, controversial or thought to be a bit “woo, woo” (yes, I said the dreaded New Agey term). But, you are about to INSPIRE us to join you! C’mon… let’s call bulls**t on the things we will no longer accept! I’ll be hanging here with ya!


P.S. Pictured is what I like to call my “Pixie” deck… it’s the Pamela Colman Smith Commemorative deck – a reproduction of the 1909 Rider Waite deck, in honor of the artist. I find them to be completely Divine!