Welcome The Yellow Brick Road of Alchemy

Ok folks – it’s time! We are going on a journey down the Yellow Brick Road of Alchemy – turn your flying monkeys into gold nuggets of wisdom!

I thought it appropriate to share my insights on this topic using one of the most magnificent decks I have to illustrate the magic of this journey- the Shadows of Oz. Whimsical, deliciously fun & deceptively insightful! (pictured below)

Shadows of Oz Tarot Reading

As your guide Glinda I’d like to share with you the following message for today: (Page of Wands Rv) It is TIME to begin your adventure, to ignite the Divine spark within you once again and share your gifts, insights and light with the world! There are a team of like-hearted beings (3 of Discs) who support you, are fully aligned with your vision and ready to HELP you create your magnificent offerings. You have the knowledge and the desire all that awaits you is the courage to take inspired action. Rest assured, this is a great time of celebration as your contributions help to elevate the energies of the Earth and we join you in rejoicing in this new or newly released loving energy.(Judgement)

Are you feeling inspired? Feeling the nudge to be, do and have MORE in your life? Then this message is definitely for you. It may have been a bumpy ride up until this point, you may even have experienced some tornados which resulted in flying debris. That was purposeful – all to lead you to this moment, more clear of the clutter and ready to move forward on your journey.

“There’s no place like home” – let’s get to clickin those heels – huh?