What Are You Waiting For?


What are you Waiting For?

You say you want abundance, happiness, prosperity… why then are you not seeing it appear in your life?

 The Universe wants to co-create with you, it offers you opportunities for action every day. But are you accepting these gifts? Or are you allowing your expectations or fears to get in the way?

 Today, look for opportunities to accept abundance in new ways. Open your arms. Say “Yes!”, Yes, I’ll accept that compliment! Yes, I’ll accept coffee in exchange for my advice! Yes, I’ll accept that invitation for dinner. Yes, Universe I see what you are trying to do here, you are aligning things for me so that I can inspiralluminate.

 Please don’t wait for things to align the way you “expect” them to align, or to look the way you wanted them to look. Instead, trust your Universal GPS, take the coordinates toward your desires. Honor your inner High Priestess and listen to your intuition. Take inspired action, even if it feels uncertain at first.



 P.S. Pictured is what I like to call my “Pixie” deck… it’s the Pamela Colman Smith Commemorative deck – a reproduction of the 1909 Rider Waite deck, in honor of the artist. I find them to be completely Divine!

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