Your Thoughts Become Things

Your “thoughts become things” – right? Congratulations! This appears to be a BIG lottery win…


Or is this a reminder to you that just thinking about prosperity – leaves it out of your reach. When you leave it in the hands of the Divine and do not take accountability and responsibility to ACT upon your gifts – you are nothing more than dormant, day dreaming, potential.

Your value is indeed innate – a gift from the Divine – you are abundant by birthright. But, you are a co-creative being on this Earth, and the Divine is reaching out to you, asking you to remember your prosperity is in YOUR hands. Your spirit guides, angels and the universe all support you and encourage you to express your true gifts. They are always here to help… however, they cannot do your alchemy for you.

How will you turn this giant Divine gift into manifest reality? It is yours already. Will you keep it to yourself? Or will you bust it open like a piñata into thousands of rays of light and carry it with you outside of your comfort zone, into the world?

Today, be the alchemist, take inspired action to turn your gift into gold!



P.S. Pictured is what I like to call my “Pixie” deck… it’s the Pamela Colman Smith Commemorative deck – a reproduction of the 1909 Rider Waite deck, in honor of the artist. I find them to be completely Divine!