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The Ruby Slipper Principles: Overcome Self-Doubt, Release Your Inner Power and Create a Life Fulfilled

A Captivating Action Adventure
Guide for the Soul

Are you ready to overcome self-doubt, reveal your inner power and create a life fulfilled? Then you’ll find your gold over the rainbow within. Click your heels now to get the book on Amazon!


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You are ready to leave the monotony of Kansas behind you! It's time to embrace the tornado to Oz and unleash your inner power.

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To navigate your yellow brick road you need little more than a deep conneciton to your higher self, Glinda.

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Your soul is imbued with the spark of it's purpose. Found in your passions. You need little more than the desire, direction and courage to make your dreams a reality.

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My most recent release and first publication is The Ruby Slipper Principles. A captivating action adventure guide for the soul. Don’t let the Wicked Witch steal your shoes, tap into your intuition, release your inner power and illuminate your yellow brick road to life fulfilled.


I have a passion for learning and when I teach, I really expand my experience through my wonderful students.  I currently offer an Introduction to Tarot course and plan soon to turn this fabulous adventure into a book of its own!

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I help folks who are, struggling with uncertainty, questioning their self-worth and searching for the courage to fulfill their life’s purpose, to trust their inner voice, uncover their true value and take inspired and courageous action in their lives and businesses; all through the magic of The Wonderful Wisdom of Oz.

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Sarah Bernstein

I sat with Loreen as she went into the Akashic Records for my business. Now I knew Loreen was brilliant and incredibly gifted in this was as she is my tarot reader of choice and my tarot teacher, but I was not ready for the specific and clear messages she accessed for me. I felt my business change in that moment... I feel supported at a soul level.

Sarah Bernstein

I've just had an extensive reading with you that was so necessary in my life right now that I cannot begin to tell you.You were straight to the point and pulled no punches, that's for sure! Loreen, you were so kind and understanding. You were not only able to peer deeply into my soul and circumstances, oh no. You also helped show the path before me as well as the way to clear it. The entire experience was so above and beyond in my book. I will certainly be referring to the recording of our reading again and again - there was just so much useful information! This session turned out to be one hell of a prescription, and I thank you deeply for your help. You are providing a truly good service to others.

Sarah Peterson